What is Kunyaza

Kunyaza is a Rwanda/Burundi term referring to the sexual practice of facilitating multiple female orgasms and ejaculation during sexual intercourse. The term ‘kunyaza’ is derived from the verb ‘kunyaara’ which means ‘to urinate’.

However, it’s not the normal urination that’s being referred to but the act of female squirting achieved through sexual stimulation of the vagina. Among the countries that embrace kunyaza include Rwanda, Burundi, western Uganda, western Tanzania and the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Ugandans often use the term ‘kachabali‘ to refer to kunyaza.

Kunyaza Technique

Kunyaza Escorts TechiquesThe practice of kunyaza involves two dominant phases: Non-Penetrative and Penetrative Phases.

a). Non-Penetrative Phase

The male partner stimulates the female partner’s clitoris, labia, and vaginal opening by tapping and rubbing with his penis’ head. He can also make rhythmic circular or zigzagging movements around the vulva. The male partner has to alternate between tapping and rubbing with the tip of his penis.

It’s advisable to give foreplay first before beginning the non-penetrative phase of kunyaza. This allows for enough vaginal lubrication. If this doesn’t happen, the tapping and rubbing will be too sensitive for her to enjoy sexual satisfaction.

In this stage, the woman lies on her back on bed or couch and the man in between her legs. Alternatively, the man can be sitting on a couch or bed and the woman squats and spreads her legs on top of him to allow him to rub and tab his penis on her vaginal opening and clitoris.

b). Penetrative Phase

This involves alternate shallow and deep vaginal thrusts while maintaining circular penis movements rubbing against the inner vaginal walls. It’s advisable for the man to hold his penis midway as he penetrates her partner, then moves his manhood in a circular manner.

In a nutshell, kunyaza penetrative phase is a combination of three mini-techniques – the shallow and deep vaginal thrusts and the circular motions of the penis to rub against inner vaginal walls. These make the woman enjoy the feeling even more.

The Squirting

The rhythmic tapping, rubbing and wiggling of the penis against the sensitive vaginal parts have wondrous effects on a woman. Some of the amazing benefits include triggering orgasms and squirting or female ejaculation.

Women love kunyaza or kachabali practice because it makes them enjoy sex much more. Additionally, achieving multiple orgasms and female ejaculation isn’t something that comes along with normal sex. That’s why most men in these parts of East and Central Africa are becoming masters of pleasing women in bed.

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