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 My First Kachabali Encounter in Uganda

This is a story of my recent insane Kachabali Experience in Kampala Town. As you know, long trips are nothing out of the ordinary for an established businessman like myself. After a busy day one Friday afternoon, I decided to make use of the free time to tour various sites online. You see, I was feeling very horny and longed for a female companion. 

Since I was fairly new in the area, my safest options were limited. However, I was confident that I could at least rely on an escort service. My fears greatly concerned me. Will I get value for the money and time I was about to invest in this venture? I knew I had to outweigh the pros and cons before making a final decision. 

One site offering  Ugandan Hot Girls came up upon my first search. As I scrolled down the display, I could not help but salivate. There is such a huge variety of sexy Ugandan women of many shades of skin colour with big assets.  I was already having trouble picking the best date for me. They all looked very worthy and hot. More so a number of services that I should be expecting were also listed next to the contact information.

I never knew it would be this easy to secure a hookup girl in a foreign land with just a click of a button. I had a longtime fetish and interest to see the famous Ugandan long clits. Being in the backyard of such potential I couldn’t skip the chance. After quick a pass-through of other sites, I decided the Uganda Hot Girls was worth a try. 

First, I got the contact details of one call girl from the site. From the advert, I was given an option of whether she should come over for an incall service or we can go elsewhere for an outcall service. I also learnt that even on short notice, these ladies are available 24/7 hours a day. Second, I made a call to her and we agreed that she should pay me a visit to my hotel room later that night. She was very polite and sounded very professional. After that conversation, I was confident that I was in the right hands. 

As agreed upon earlier, she arrived very punctually dressed in a red sexy dress. Her big ass was hanging as if asking for a spank. I could tell I was in for a good time already. She was mature and we had very interesting conversations over a bottle of whiskey. I was still very anxious since it was my first time booking an escort in a new town. However, she brought me at ease with the narrations about her experiences working in the field that relaxed me.   

I asked if she was willing to make me experience the famous Kachabali Delight. She smiled back at me and moved closer. My hands were already trembling at the thought of such sweetness. After one shot of whiskey, she slowly part her legs and placed each leg on the arms of the chair.   

I could tell that she was positioning herself ready to give me a show. I stared at her majestic clit that hung limp waiting for some action. She stroked it twice and it jumped up. My dick was erect as I admired the confidence and poise in what she was doing. 

She begged me to finger her and as I did she moaned with intense pleasure, getting an orgasm after orgasm. I have never seen such a heavy squirter in my entire life. The seat was so wet already but she was begging for more. I lowered my finger and played with her long clitoris in a very sensitive, sensual and responsive way. She squirted again. My cock was getting hard as I rubbed her long clit back and forth. 

As her breathing got louder and louder I knew it was time to up the Kachabali Experience. I slipped two fingers in her pussy and licked the wet juices off them. Sexy eyes glared at me as if asking for more. I continued feeling the sensitive area around the big labia lips. Her whole body jerked in random motions. I had found her Gspot and she couldn’t hold still. I massaged her long clit and labia with my fingers moving in and out of the vagina. 

The moans were very loud and they were driving me crazy.  She deeply exhaled and her body became tense as she directed my fingers to make a rough and intense motion. I looked deep into her eyes and kissed her hard. She shot out a long stream of squirt that hit my face with force.

I smiled back having known that the Kachabali Experience I just had was lifelong and worth telling my boy’s club. Indeed escorts from Uganda Hot are worth making a trip to Uganda. By the time I was done fucking her, she could barely stand straight. My balls weak from cumming so hard but she wasn’t done yet. She put my dick in her mouth and sucked my brains out. 

Before I knew what was happening I was out cold from exhaustion from the intense pleasure. I let my date out early the next morning after compensating her for a time well spent. I couldn’t wait to get back home and tell this story to my friends. They were so envious and jealous of my first Kachabali Encounter in Uganda! I can confidently say, that Ugandan girls have crazy long clits and that should be a national symbol of the Country. 

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